Amedeo Modigliani (1884 - 1920)

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Welcome  to the initial installment of the Modigliani Project’s on-line  catalogue raisonné.  At this early stage, we are concentrating on the  paintings missed by Ambrogio Ceroni in his publication of the artist’s  work, Tout l’Oeuvre Peint, 1970 (1972).  Six paintings are  presented here, following a rigorous CR committee meeting on October  17-18, 2019, and months or even years of research.  As many as fifty  paintings may eventually be added to Modigliani’s oeuvre beyond Ceroni.  This on-line presentation will be continuously expanded.  Ceroni himself  declared that his publication was not exhaustive or complete. In  addition, his study does not include provenance or exhibition history  while ours does.

This is the first-known Modigliani catalogue  raisonné to use scientific and technical analysis as a central part of  its decision-making process:  pigment testing, x-ray, infrared, canvas  weave, etc. Connoisseurship and historical research are also important  factors. Typically, connoisseurship has been the primary or sole  criterion used in the Modigliani field, as for most other artists.   Seeing the paintings together in one room next to each other is a  powerful tool in assessing the works and their brushstrokes,  composition, scale, specific features and spirit, and that happened at  the committee meeting. Modigliani was consistent in his approach.   Elements not visible to the naked eye, but only with scientific  equipment, are key.  

This study is the first Modigliani  catalogue raisonné to be determined by a committee rather than a sole  individual.  The committee of experts consider a lengthy technical  report, prepared by outside, established conservation professionals with  significant knowledge of Modigliani.  The reports are generally 35-50  pages in length but could be longer as well. An application, or  submission form, is presented by the owner with known information on  each painting.  Outside colleagues with special knowledge may be asked  for commentary. The CR committee convenes in person to examine the works  firsthand and to discuss them together. Then a vote is taken.  A  unanimous decision is required for a work to be included in the on-line  CR.

Our decisions for the Catalogue Raisonné are based on our  opinions, which are protected by the U.S. First Amendment.  The  decisions are not statements of fact or guarantees. We reserve the right  to change our minds if new information emerges.  We are not an  Authentication Service or an Appraisal Service. Our website exists only  for scholarly purposes. Applicants whose painting was not chosen for  inclusion have the right to resubmit their paintings for consideration  at a later date if new data appears that could be decisive.

We  reserve the right to add, subtract or edit any texts on this website.   The information provided is not necessarily exhaustive and may be  expanded at a later date as new data emerges.  This database represents a  good faith effort to provide valuable information to help advance  Modigliani scholarship. This database is governed by U.S. law.

At  present, our on-line database is free to use, but we reserve the right  at a later date to charge a fee as more material is added.


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Future Plans

We expect to have  our next meeting in Paris in the spring of 2020. We plan to continually  add information to the site with a major addition of material to come  on the artist’s birthday each year, July 12. 

Our site will  feature hundreds of paintings.  Sculptures will be posted as well. We  will have a Drawings service to provide information for a fee, but not  necessarily a definitive decision. We have been approached by  individuals who want Ceroni paintings to be tested.  We are happy to  consider that.

​Dr. Kenneth Wayne, Director/President

November 18, 2018